Abusing the abused

Another newspaper article that makes grim reading “David Goodwillie rape accuser opens her heart on vile internet abuse after charges are dropped“. Wonder what it tells us about Scottish society when a *woman*¬†who’s an alleged rape victim is the one who’s vilified? The footballer guy at the centre of this is in the middle of… Continue reading Abusing the abused

DrupalCon and archive.org

Was noseying around websites for previous DrupalCon’s and found that previous events have video available hosted on the archive.org site. Even better, archive.org offers RSS feeds based on queries so to get an automated podcast download of DrupalCon chicago 2011 you can use e.g. http://www.archive.org/services/collection-rss.php?query=subject:drupalcon%20chicago%202011 The Chicago video alone is 48 sessions and over 11GB… Continue reading DrupalCon and archive.org


Since I’ve spent a lot of today at work configuring WordPress installations what do I do when I get home…yes indeed, configure my own WordPress installation. Am experimenting with various plugins so there may be a few different features being tested/trialed. First up, a plugin for serving up a mobile version of a WordPress blog… Continue reading Mobilising

To Google+ or not to Google+, pseudonymity, women and net abuse

Have been feeling like a wallflower at the disco (story of my life) watching everyone get their Google+ accounts. Alas for me I can’t take part with the account I’d like because I’m a Google Apps user and Google profiles aren’t yet available for Apps accounts. Thought of creating an account on gmail but can’t… Continue reading To Google+ or not to Google+, pseudonymity, women and net abuse

Hello world!

Yet another failed attempt to resurrect a long-form blog. Don’t expect much and you wont be disappointed.