A hard drive named Lazarus

My hardware hoodoo continues. Earlier in the week I dropped a hard drive on the floor …a shiny, new, whopping 1TB. A fall of about a metre and a half. That sick sinking feeling. Plugged it in, yay the blue light was on, great, only one problem. The lights were on…but nobody was home. Disk wasn’t spinning up, boo. In days gone by I might have cried but seemed reasonably calm about it as I knew I didn’t have that much on it. But it set me thinking, I honestly couldn’t remember exactly *what* content I had on it. If you’ve lost something but it’s not important enough for to to remember what, have really you *lost* anything at all? But I digress. Geeks need to problem solve.

Shelled out twenty quid for a drive connector kit and gingerly opened the Iomega external drive case. There was a small controller card at the front with the power and USB connectors, removed that so I could get access to the drive sockets. Plugged in the SATA connector and plugged the power cable in, swiitched on…and…the disk spun up, wheeee! Was feeling well chuffed but copied the data off as quickly as I could incase it was only a temporary reprieve. I had difficulty with one 5GB file but then I remembered the portable drive was formated FAT32. Got a Mac drive and got the last file off phew. Double-chuffed, mission salvage completed. Even better once I’d removed the connector kit and put the drive back together it started working again! Maybe there was just a loose cable or something after the fall. But who wants to trust precious bits to a potentially dodgy drive? A bit like a lover who’s been cheating on you, things will never be the same again, the trust is gone. You’ll always have one part of you fearing the worst. To the back of the cupboard for you Lazarus.