Fareweel Yahoo Directory

Aw. Surprised how sad I was to hear that Yahoo will be shutting down their Yahoo Directory. Even though I probably haven’t visited it in several years in the early days of the web it’s difficult to explain how important a site it was in its day. It’s really hard to remember the days before search engines, before Google, infoseek, altavista…how the hell did we ever find things? Directories. Browsing hierarchical categories of links submitted by other webmasters.

In 1996 I wanted to create a mini version of Yahoo Directory but only  for sites about Scottish Women…just one snag…couldn’t find any, we needed to first actually create the kind of sites we wanted to see..and so Quine Online was born…but that’s another story. So thank you Yahoo for the inspiration, Quine would never have happened without it.

“Ae fond kiss, and then we sever;
Ae fareweel, alas, for ever!” – Robert Burns

scottishlass.scot AT LAST!



Celebrating independence on teh interwebz. Been admiring my lovely new domain name, (spot the aliteration too) so of course I need to shift the blog one more time to it’s rightful resting place.

Scottish Lass Seeks (domain since 2001) has found a permanent home.

Hamewith tae www.scottishlass.scot

Ya beauty!

I was so desperate to make sure I got the name that I shelled out the bawbees in the ‘landrush’ phase of the dotscot introduction. Couldn’t bear the thought of yet more people overseas called “Scottish Lass” snapping it up. It’s flattering so many people in other countries are wannabes but I am actually a woman in Scotland born, bred, live and work here.

I also wanted to try and make sure that Scottish businesses taking the initiative felt the benefit of supporting the new .scot domain so went with the first Scottish registrar offering .scot I could find – Calico. They’re based in Cromarty. Quaintly but in a good way, when you sign up you receive your account details in a manually drafted email from a female sysadmin, even better!

Searching for sex

No, not me you. Yes *you* there. You in the dirty Mac.

With a weary sigh I post an extract from the server logs of this blog.

Searching for sexStill if I’ve slowed down all you single handed surfers for a bit I’m glad.
Now away to pour disinfectant over my brain.

Abusing the abused

Another newspaper article that makes grim reading “David Goodwillie rape accuser opens her heart on vile internet abuse after charges are dropped“. Wonder what it tells us about Scottish society when a *woman* who’s an alleged rape victim is the one who’s vilified? The footballer guy at the centre of this is in the middle of transfer negotiations. Pretty rotten that Rangers also pounced with a bid for him a split nano-second after the charges were officially dropped. Something stinks about that.

I just can’t even begin to imagine the despair of a woman raped and yet brave enough to come forward and press charges only for the justice system to grind to a halt. When Elish Angiolini was the first female Lord Advocate she set in motion plans to train up solicitors and courts to deal sensitively with rape cases. We still have an abysmally low prosecution rate for sexual crimes even after all the efforts to modernise (Update 2 Aug 2011, Sexual Violence and the Justice System [Village Aunties]). Here it sounds like it’s the legislative system at fault, since there didn’t seem to be enough evidence to go ahead with a trial successfully. It’s a classic “he said, she said” case. Hang our heads in shame. Can’t we at the very least get Dundee United to ban ‘supporters’ that post foul messages about her or who chant on the terraces? If that’s not bringing your club into disrepute then what is?