Category: scottishlass

  • Mobilising

    Since I’ve spent a lot of today at work configuring WordPress installations what do I do when I get home…yes indeed, configure my own WordPress installation. Am experimenting with various plugins so there may be a few different features being tested/trialed. First up, a plugin for serving up a mobile version of a WordPress blog…

  • To Google+ or not to Google+, pseudonymity, women and net abuse

    Have been feeling like a wallflower at the disco (story of my life) watching everyone get their Google+ accounts. Alas for me I can’t take part with the account I’d like because I’m a Google Apps user and Google profiles aren’t yet available for Apps accounts. Thought of creating an account on gmail but can’t…

  • Hello world!

    Yet another failed attempt to resurrect a long-form blog. Don’t expect much and you wont be disappointed.