“I think I need a hard drive to manage my hard drives”

With a weary sigh I realised that I was yet again close to running out of archive space on my external hard drives ( again). I’ve always been meaning so sort out my menagerie of assorted external drives. Never really been happy with trusting precious family video footage to a single hard drive so seem to end up duplicating things – a royal pain in the bahooky with external USB drives. Might yet start looking at Amazon Glacier for off-site backups. I’d also been wondering about getting nas storage to end the madness of buying yet another standalone hard drive.It never seems to matter what capacity of drive I buy, always end up filling them. I’ve got a mixture of time machine backups, hard drive images, raw video and audio recordings, iTunes music library, not to mention all the video podcasts for mac/iO? All in different places. It gets impossible to remember where to find things, not to mention the vulnerability of losing content if a drive fails.
Have taken the plunge and ordered a synology ds213air…and amazon prime being amazon prime half a day later it’s here. Alas the drives I wanted weren’t in stock so will need to wait for those so at the moment it’s about as much use as a chocolate tea pot. Gives me time to plan. I like that it’s got built-in wifi and router. Could I have ‘always on’ backup storage? Pretty short of power sockets so sensible power usage is another concern. Gives the possibility of accessing the storage remotely e.g streaming multimedia – handy if you’re on a tablet device, hate having to switch on a computer just to get access to files.