Month: August 2011

  • Searching for sex

    No, not me you. Yes *you* there. You in the dirty Mac. With a weary sigh I post an extract from the server logs of this blog. Still if I’ve slowed down all you single handed surfers for a bit I’m glad. Now away to pour disinfectant over my brain.

  • Rob “CmdrTaco” Malda Resigns From Slashdot

    Sniff, the end of an era. Just reckoning for as long as I can remember being on the web I’ve read Slashdot more consistently for tech news than any other site over those years and CmdrTaco must be the poster I’ve read most. Fare thee well.

  • Civil action

    Intrigued to see “Civil action raised after rape charges dropped” and “Scotland star David Goodwillie set to face civil action from woman over rape claims“. Pleased to see that there is  at least some attempt is being made progress the case via alternative means. Shame the criminal side fell through though, wonder how many times […]